Natalie’s passion for yoga began when recovering from an illness. Having previously kept active with high intensity workouts, she was advised to try yoga as a stressed out 20 year old to help her body recover. However what she found was much more than just a physical workout - stillness and breathwork changed her approach to life, as well as helping her manage her stress and anxiety levels. 


Sharing Natalie’s own love and passion for yoga with everyone who comes to her classes in person or online is a key element of all of her practices. The styles she teaches range from dynamic flow classes, to restorative meditation classes to beginners classes amongst others, each offering support, guidance and a space to practice without judgment or expectation.

Natalie aims to make yoga accessible to everyone in some way, offering simple tools to add aspects of mindfulness and breathwork on and off the mat, as a way to help manage the stressors of our busy lives.