The Four Seasons

The theme of the retreats for 2022 is the four seasons. The programmes will tilt and nudge our guests to explore the changes that are brought about by seeing, experiencing and reflecting on a different perspective.

Although part of a collective theme - each “season” can be experienced in its own right - the structure is not part of a series, but more parts of a whole.

Like the changes brought about by the seasons, nature changes in plants, trees, oceans, clouds…. Behaviour in animals and people change through the natural impact of adaptation to variety.

Designed to regenerate your body and mind, our Sattva retreat programmes are based on research that suggests we can fundamentally transform our physical and emotional health through our daily habits.

Mindfulness practices will be interwoven throughout your day as you partake in carefully curated activities if you wish. Alternatively, you can simply pause and retreat from the world and take well deserved time for yourself.

Our four seasons retreats are a refined retreat experience where all aspects of natural health are addressed, in the context of you tilting in a different way from your usual daily routines..

Expect your body to become lean, strong, and flexible, as your mind becomes calm, clear, and present.

You are simply required to show up, be present, and allow the experience to unveil your true inherent potential.

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