Corporate Travel Plus

If you need the support of a travel service provider, please bear in mind that they will be supporting you independently of the Retreat Booking provided by Sattva Retreats (Sattva Retreats are not able to offer travel related services)..

Whilst Sattva Retreats do not provide travel services that may be required to help get you to the Retreat, we have linked-up with an independent local company that is well established in providing travel support services to the independent traveller.

If required, Corporate Travel Plus can help with the travel services you might need, including:

  • Air Travel
  • Car Hire reservations
  • Domestic Rail travel
  • European Rail travel
  • Eurotunnel and ferry reservations
  • Door to door transfers
  • Foreign Currency
  • Visa and health requirements
  • Passport and visa procurement
  • 24-hour out-of-hours contact

Corporate Travel Plus strives to provide a quality of service that’s second to none, guaranteeing professionalism, dedication and the relentless pursuit of the best value for money.

Their objective is to make the business of travel simple, stress-free and cost-effective for everyone involved. So they offer a comprehensive portfolio of services to meet every need.


Phone: 01283 792979